"Shane's HUGE Tax Bill Sale AAAARGH!!"

I try and be a good business owner and put money aside for Tax but this last year it just didn't work that way! It's actually a little embarrassing

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    I'm in a jam, the ATO wants to be paid NOW! You might know what I'm talking about when you get one of those 'Red' Letters!
  • The ATO can be ruthless when you owe them money. Like a pitball in a dog fight! No mercy. Or as Johnny in the Karate Kid was taught - No Mercy, Mercy is for the weak!! aaaahhh
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    There's one thing we do and do very well and that's PRINT Beautiful Award Winning Quality Photos!

Hi, I'm Shane, not the Karate Kid. But, the owner of Ink FX Printing. We've been Printing Award Winning images for our clients for over the past decade in Australia and around the world!

2017/18 - Another Ripper Year


We've had a pretty good year again here at InkFX. We've introduced some *NEW* products. We've Been a vendor at a stack of Trade Shows in the industry and we're proud to be printing now for more than 1,200+ Professional Photographers throughout Australia and around the world.

This past financial year was great for so many reasons as we continue to produce amazing work and thrill our clients with good ol' fashioned customer service, great value and incredible products.

We also launched our new Private Facebook Group for our Trade Professional Clients which has been great to interact together and share some cool things with our 'tradies'. Click here if you're a Professional Photographer and want to join our Facebook group.

Moving forward it's Photo Books and more... Even with the ATO knocking at the door we're super pumped and excited about what we have coming including our world class Photo Books ready to rock you! We're also considering going back to our roots and offering some other traditional printing services like Branding, Stationery (e.g. Business Cards) anything that can help you with your business to make more $$$ and achieve your goals.

World class quality Professional Photo Books & Professional Printed Photographic images.

How can you help me get out of this Jam?

I'm certainly not one of those guys who ever asks for a hand out, or a free lunch. I'm kind of old school in regard to working my own s#@t out and never ask for hand outs, and provide value wherever I can. I hate being a burden on anyone!

So rather than me asking for anything from you in the way of a hand out I'm going to provide you with the most insane amount of value I possibly can so that you feel like you're stealing candy from the baby! LOL (in a fun good kind of way!)

So I put my thinking cap on....

and I believe I've come up with an absolute cracker for you.

One of the Biggest Challenges for Photographers - Making a good Profit!

Getting high quality prints for your clients consistently at the right price so that you can still make good money can be a challenge! You're in business to make money, sure you love what you do and it's an art, an expression of yourself etc etc. but at the end of the day all the warm and fuzzy stuff doesn't pay the electricity bill or the school fees for your kids!

As a Photographer you need to be able to offer your clients amazing products with a HIGH Perceived value that don't cost you the earth to get your hands on. You put your margin on and away you go! 

If you're not making money on both your shoot and then your print packages there is something seriously wrong and we need to talk!

This ATO Sale will help SOLVE that problem - My dilemma is your win! I'm helping you put more money in your pocket, make more profit and also get WORLD CLASS Products into your Clients Hands (not some cheaper, low grade clearance sale item)

Photographers are ultimately judged by their clients by the Quality of the Printed Products they Provide them! It's that Simple.

If you are trying to penny pinch, save a few dollars on the printing costs to make a few extra dollars and then your clients look at the prints you provide them and say (we paid $xxxx for that???!!) you're not going to be doing a return shoot for them in a few months or the coming years!

Infact, you wont be doing a shoot for them or their friends in the coming months/years!! :(

Let us help solve this problem

We have literally printed thousands, tens of thousands of Professional Fine-Art Canvases for our clients all over Australia and Internationally. We put alot of effort, time and skill into ensuring that our canvases are produced to the highest quality in the industry!

You can always tell alot about a Canvas and the company that makes it by looking at the back of it. :) We get alot of comments all the time about the professional finish and high quality workmanship that goes into our canvases and the way the backs are finished off perfectly.

It's like comparing night to day when looking at one of our canvases compared to even other pro labs and especially against Big W, Harvey Norman or anyone like that. They're not even in the same ball park!

I want you to Succeed and Also, get such a killer deal from me for helping me out that you can't stop smiling for weeks!

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    Help me out and I'll help you big time!
    With a small investment I guarantee you that you will get more than double your money value out of what I have to offer you. It's simple, I'm in a jam. I don't want to have to rob Peter to pay Paul (ATO) so with your help I can pay the ATO and you get an unbelievable deal that you can use now or later!
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    Quality is King
    If I had a dollar for every time we get a phone call from someone who tries one of those cheap deals online for Canvas and when it gets here 2-3 months later from China and looks absolutely crap!! You know that story? Either way. Quality is King. That's what we're all about here. Quality, Quality & Quality!
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    Turn your clients into Raving Fans
    One of the easiest ways to do this is to provide them with great quality products that have a high perceived value! Simple. Deep down we all appreciate good quality products.

2 Packages to Choose from

1. The 'Family Size Package'
Total Value: $598.00 
Only $249 (Save $349)
Inc. GST and 1x FREE Shipping! That's 59% Off!!!


2x 20x30" (50x75cm) 2:3 Fine-Art Canvas (Stretched Ready to Hang on the Wall) Normally AU $320.00

2x 16x24" (40x60cm) 2:3 Fine-Art Canvas (Stretched Ready to Hang on the Wall) Normally AU $278.00

2. The 'Party Size Package'
Total Value: $1,295.00 
Only $499 (Save $796)
Inc. GST and 1x FREE Shipping! That's 62% Off!!!

FINE-ART CANVAS (6x Canvases)

2x 24x36" (60x90cm) 2:3 Fine-Art Canvas (Stretched Ready to Hang on the Wall) Normally AU $428.00

2x 20x30" (50x75cm) 2:3 Fine-Art Canvas (Stretched Ready to Hang on the Wall) Normally AU $320.00

2x 16x24" (40x60cm) 2:3 Fine-Art Canvas (Stretched Ready to Hang on the Wall) Normally AU $278.00


1x 16x24" (40x60cm) 2:3 Float Mount Aluminium HD Metal Ready to Hang Normally AU $269.00

Speed is of the essence here. Once the timer has expired the offer will no longer be available. Offer ends 9pm Wednesday 8th August 2018.


What People Are Saying About Us...

“I was super impressed by the quality of print at such a large scale!"

"Hi Shane, Just a quick one to say Congratulations on your Gold Medal Award at the recent National Printing Awards event!  Amazing work. I also wanted to send a HUGE thanks for getting the landscape canvas turned around and delivered in such a quick time.

It arrived at 5pm Friday arvo and it managed to raise a few hundred dollars at the auction on Saturday, which went towards a trust fund for 2 little girls who’s mum and brother died in a car accident (I went to school with her)  So big thanks to you guys and please let me know if there’s anything I owe you.


Lastly I delivered the large 1500 x 1000 canvas of the couples wedding dance and they absolutely loved it.  I was super impressed by the quality of print at such a large scale and look forward to printing some more large canvasses soon.


Really appreciate your work and help with everything, it’s amazing dealing with a company that takes such pride in not only their work but their customer service also."

Chris Robert
Professional Photographer, Victoria Australia

"Every Canvas is Perfect"

"Absolutely love these guys.

Every canvas is perfect and Shane is brilliant to deal with.

I will never use another company :)"

Beth Fernley
Professional Photographer, NSW Australia

“Your Service & Speed is what makes your company a cut above the rest!"

"Hi Shane, Thanks so much for the canvas I ordered last week.

The client absolutely loved it. 

Your service and speed is what makes your company a cut above the rest!"

Larissa Denning
Professional Photographer, QLD Australia

A Few More Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People

“Your Product is Second to None!"

"I just wanted to let you know how grateful I was to receive my two 20x24 inch canvases today! They are exactly what I wanted, especially when I had previously had these images printed elsewhere and the results were dull and inferior!

The colour of yours is so beautiful and rich, just the right amount of gloss, professionally and carefully packaged, very quick turnaround, and - well - wow!

I was further impressed with your service when you rang me before printing, to check my requirements when you weren't sure, and to advise me about your products and give personalised solutions to those issues.

I plan to have more work done through you in the future. Your product is second to none!"

Michelle Gibbons
Adoria Photography, NSW Australia

Your service, quality, colours and general awesomeness wont be matched..."

"I can't rave about you enough you know! I've just moved to Coffs as you know and I have had a look at local canvas and printing for quality comparison sake and I'm not sorry to tell you I'm sticking with you! Your service, quality, colours and general awesomeness will never be matched.

I appreciate everything you do for me and my little business. If anyone wants a recommendation all you have to tell them is your clients are 100000% happy with what you print that they are more than comfortable to ship directly to their clients. No double handling. 

I don't do that for ANY of my other suppliers.  Love your work and SO glad you were recommended to me. Lots of ideas for Coffs and once I start getting everything up and going again I'll be keeping you busy again. 

Take care and thanks for everything- seriously. XXX Jules"

Jules Clyde
Professional Photographer
Shane Goldberg

Founder of InkFX Printing

About the Author

When Shane isn't in the workshop printing award winning images for his clients there's a pretty good chance you will find him cycling up a mountain or riding around the Gold Coast listening to the Beetles :) In January 2018 Shane competed in a 24-Hour Solo Cycling Race in Adelaide riding 638km in the 24hours! Yep, he's a little crazy (in a good way)

Shane has a long history in the Printing Industry over the past 25+ years. Starting out in 1993 in Adelaide at Print Graphics as an apprentice. He absolutely loves what he does and loves getting to know his clients.

Still Got Questions?

I know by now you're probably wondering if this is all for real or some too good to be true deal. Well the short answer is it's absolutely for real and even though it might seem too good to be true it's for real! :) 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I order more than one package?

Can I get some of the package shipped now and then the other part later?

Can I pay using Afterpay to pay for my order?

Can I pick up my order once it's printed?

Don't miss out...the clock is ticking


P.S.: Thanks for reading this far! You've done well. We're looking forward to printing your images and WOW'ing you too! Let us know if you have ANY Questions at all that you need answered before ordering.

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