The ULTIMATE InkFX Printing
Print Package(s) On Steroids
Bigger and Better than Ever!

We've worked hard to make sure that this package has what you would like in it but, in saying that we had such varied feedback it's virtually impossible to include everyones preferences.

But, I'd hate you to miss out on this once in a lifetime package so I've come up with a solution to satisfy even the fussiest of our clients! (read on...)  

You Might be wondering "Are The Products in This Package 'Cheaper' or 'Inferior' to your Regular Products?"

Great question! The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! These products that are included are of the same exacting standards and super high quality that our clients have come to love and appreciate from InkFX Printing.
We never compromise on Quality to save a few dollars or cents here or there! It's not something we do. You can rest assured that the Products and the Quality of everything in the packages is the BEST of the BEST!
Here's the 2 Available Packages...

Package # 1
The Family Size Print Package
Total Value: $749.00 

Only $249 (Save $500)
Inc. GST and FREE Shipping! That's 67% Off!!!


1x 24x36" (60x90cm) 2:3 Fine-Art Canvas (Stretched Ready to Hang on the Wall) Normally $214.00

1x 20x30" (50x75cm) 2:3 Fine-Art Canvas (Stretched Ready to Hang on the Wall) Normally $160.00

2x 16x24" (40x60cm) 2:3 Fine-Art Canvas (Stretched Ready to Hang on the Wall) Normally $296.00


1x 8x10" (20x25cm) 4:5 Float Mount Aluminium HD Metal Ready to Hang Normally $79.00


1x 12x18" (30x45cm) 2:3 Fine-Art 'Smooth Pearl' 310gsm Paper Print Normally $45.00


Package # 2
The Party Size Ultimate Print Package
Total Value: $1,483.00 
Only $499 (Save $984)
Inc. GST and FREE Shipping! That's 66% Off!!!

FINE-ART CANVAS (6x Canvases)

1x 30x45" (75x110cm) 2:3 Fine-Art Canvas (Stretched Ready to Hang on the Wall) Normally $349.00

1x 24x36" (60x90cm) 2:3 Fine-Art Canvas (Stretched Ready to Hang on the Wall) Normally $214.00

2x 20x30" (50x75cm) 2:3 Fine-Art Canvas (Stretched Ready to Hang on the Wall) Normally $320.00

2x 16x24" (40x60cm) 2:3 Fine-Art Canvas (Stretched Ready to Hang on the Wall) Normally $296.00


1x 16x24" (40x60cm) 2:3 Float Mount Aluminium HD Metal Ready to Hang Normally $259.00


1x 12x18" (30x45cm) 2:3 Fine-Art 'Smooth Pearl' 310gsm Paper Print Normally $45.00


Got Questions?
Here's a Few Q&A's that Might help!

What if The Exact Sizes
I Want Are Not Included?
Can I Still Get them? 

Good question! The short answer is Yes it's possible. e.g. Let's say you really wanted a 20x20" (50x50cm) Canvas instead of the 20x30" (50x75cm). Enter in the comments (when ordreing) or email with your images just say. Please swap 20x30" for 20x20" canvas and we'll go from there. It also really helps if you name your file like this: 20x20-yourname-ordernumber.jpg 
It is only possible to swap/exchange for a smaller custom size e.g. 20x20" in this example is a custom square size that is smaller than 20x30". If you have any questions about this you can email us first and we'll help you out! :)

Can I Pay Now and Get Them
Printed Later? 

Yes! Of course, Many of our clients like to lock in the awesome pricing now and send thru the images later. All of our specials you can Order now and then upload/email your images through later (with your order number) so we can match it up with your order. Simple and Easy!

Can I Split My Order and Have
Some of It Shipped Now and Then
The Rest Shipped Later? 

Yes! You can have it split e.g. get some now and some later etc. Your order includes 1x FREE Shipping. All subsequent shipping / courier lots will be $20 per shipment within Australia. If in doubt just call us 1300 90 30 65 or email and we can help you out! 

 Can I Use Different Images or Do They
All Have to Be the Same Image? 

Yes! Of course You can use different images for each canvas/print etc. Sure it would be easier for us if you just used one image for everything BUT, let's face it...who wants to do that!!?? And This is all about making sure you're happy and getting the most insane Print Deal you've ever seen!

Can I Buy More Than One Package? 

Yes! You can order as many packages as you like. Each complete package comes with Free shipping. So, if you order 2 packages you will get free shipping on each package. Or if you Order 3 Packages you will get free shipping on each of the 3 packages.
So you can have them shipped at different times and even to different locations within Australia if that is something you might want.

How Can You Offer Such a Big Discount?
Is this Legit? 

Great Question! We always pay for our stock/media up front in bulk. So, we have all of the supplies in stock that we need to fulfill this insane promotion. So, we figure we're better off using our stock and having our staff working on your jobs than just sitting around here! Plus, we really need to Pay the ATO!
We have done other specials and promotions in the past. Nothing as big as this, but you can just ask any of our clients whether we're legit and if we deliver on our promises.

But, Don’t Take My Word For It...

"I just wanted to let you know how grateful I was to receive my two 20x24 inch canvases today!

They are exactly what I wanted, especially when I had previously had these images printed elsewhere and the results were dull and inferior!

The colour of yours is so beautiful and rich, just the right amount of gloss, professionally and carefully packaged, very quick turnaround, and - well - wow!

I was further impressed with your service when you rang me before printing, to check my requirements when you weren't sure, and to advise me about your products and give personalised solutions to those issues.

I plan to have more work done through you in the future. Your product is second to none!"

Michelle Gibbons

Professional Photographer at Adoria Photoraphy

"Received my 10 canvases today, just wanted to let you know "YOU ARE AMAZING"!! your workmanship is brilliant, Your Customer Service is one of the Best I have EVER received.

Definitely looking forward to working with you from here on in."

Maxine Ovelar

Professional Photographer at Maxine O's Photography

"Absolutely love these guys. Every canvas is perfect and Shane is brilliant to deal with.

I will never use another company :)"

Beth Fernley

Professional Photographer at Beth Fernley Photography

Here's Why This Is the Biggest 'No Brainer' Deal Of the Century, And Why You Must Not Delay In Securing Your Package of Choice Now!

  • Insane Value. Each Package is Absolutely Jam Packed with Insane value! Including Savings of $500 (66% off!) in Package 1 and $984 (67% off!) in Package 2.
  • You will NOT see this deal ever again. This is not some carpet store closing down sale that re-opens the week later having an 80% off sale!! LOL As mentioned above and in the previous videos, this is a genuine Sale to raise funds fast to meet our ATO obligations.
  • More Profits. If you're a Pro Photographer you'd have to be crazy not to lock in such an amazing deal now. Great deal from InkFX = More Profits for you.
  • Redecorate Your Home. If you're just wanting to redecorate your own home with your own family photos, then the timing couldn't be better.
  • Redecorate Your Business. Time to spruce up the office? I couldn't think of a better way to do it than with some beautiful new Canvas prints and an Aluminium HD Metal print. 

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. Our Products Comes With A

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We look forward to working with you, the only thing left to do now is to get your order in now! 

I look forward to personally seeing your order come through and having an opportunity to thank you for your support personally.


We take great pride in our work here at InkFX as we have built a business and brand this is highly regarded and respected in the industry for the Highest Quality Photographic work in the Industry.


As you probably know we Won the Gold Medal in the recent Printing Industry and Craftsmanship Awards for our work and we look forward to delivering the same quality work for you today!

Thanks again and if you have ANY questions still, don't hesitate to call us at 1300 90 30 65 or email and we'll help you out!

Shane Goldberg